Kevins Features and Benefits

Preventive burglary protection for YOU and your HOME, all the TIME. We deliver worldwide

Kevin simulates you being home

Kevin provides a presence simulation with sound, light and moving shadow effects. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, Kevin can imitate you through special personalization functions.

Easy to use

We actually created Kevin for one reason only – we want everyone to be able to use Kevin to banish burglaries in the history books. You only need 3 minutes to set up your Kevin and enjoy its benefits.

Works all the time

Kevin is not only a smart device, it’s much more. It works offline and online. And the Mitipi app helps you set the timer function and automatically activate Kevin when you leave your apartment or house.

Your privacy is on the first place

Kevin does not contain neither a microphone nor a camera. The Mitipi app communicates encrypted, so you are always in control of it. Your privacy is maximally protected!

Kevin is also a Bluetooth loudspeaker for your music

Kevin can also be used as a lamp

Kevin speaks German, English and/or French

Kevin is making your home smarter

Mitipi App

Using the PlayStore or AppStore application, you can not only customize Kevin and the presence simulation, but also monitor and control it.

Simple. Safe. Swiss.

What makes Kevin unique


Realistic background noises


Speakers with 5W (RMS) power for a realistic loud background noise


21.2 * 10.2 * 9.2 cm


Languages for menu and simulation: German, French and English can be selected


Light & Shadow effects


Warm white and colored light with motion and shadow effects: Presence and television simulation

Power supply

110-240V 36W, 50-60Hz

Simulation database

Special simulation database with coordinated, versatile and specially synchronized light and sound effects for presence


70h of simulation content


8 GB integrated memory, so no Internet is necessary for the simulation


Certification according to EU, CH and US guidelines


Light sensor for recognizing when LEDs are switched on / off

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We'll be pleased to keep you up to date about new features for Kevin.

Love him!

So far I have put one on and love, love, LOVE HIM !!
Laura - United States

Easy installation

The packaging is 1A! I was very pleasantly surprised,as well as the easy installation of Kevin. Kevin will now make my house safer and I will be less afraid that someone will break in again in the future.
Michael - Germany

Sounds like someone is there

Kevin has recently moved into our house. We had him up quickly with the app. The simulation is funny, and it really sounds like someone is there when you listen from outside.
Mary - United Kingdom

It sounds damn real

I have had a Kevin for about 3 weeks and I just love him !!! When you stand in the stairwell, it sounds damn real;Bravo and compliments to you.
Raffi - Switzerland

I don’t worry as much

Since Kevin came, I don't worry as much. When I come home at night, it even feels like someone's already there.
Marta - Austria

Like I was at home

Colleagues thought I was at home when only Kevin was there. They called me on my cell phone and told me to open the door...
Florian - France
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