This team has more than 14 superpowers to make your home safe.

Kevin simulates you

Bluetooth Speaker plays realistic background sounds.

Light and shadow projections

Light simulation makes it look like someone is at home.

Stylish Bluetooth Speaker

Kevin can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and lamp.

Customisable sounds

Upload your personalized sounds for a simulation that imitates you perfectly over the Bluetooth speaker.

Works online and offline

Burglary protection works with and without internet connection.

Schedule planning and geofencing

Smart home device can turn on through schedule planning or geofencing.

Works with Kevin App

All of the burglar protection is accessible with one click.

Swiss engineered

With Swiss quality

Smoke detector

Livy can tell if somethings burning on your stove - or elsewhere.

Air quality analysis

Find out about the air quality in your apartment and much more.

Alert system

Recieve alerts directly to your phone if anything is up.

Community function

As to quickly react upon any funny business, your neighbours, friends and family can also be alerted.

Motion detector

Livy can tell if someone is in your home.

Schedule planning and Geofencing

Livy can turn on automatically through schedule planning or geofencing.

Works with the free Livy app

All functions are accessible with one click.

German engineered

With German expertise

As if I were at home

Colleagues thought I was at home when only Kevin was there. They called me on my cell phone and told me to open the door...
Florian - France

Love him!

So far I have put one on and love, love, LOVE HIM !!
Laura - United States

It sounds damn real

I have had a Kevin for about 3 weeks and I just love him !!! When you stand in the stairwell, it sounds damn real;Bravo and compliments to you.
Raffi - Switzerland

Easy installation

The packaging is 1A! I was very pleasantly surprised,as well as the easy installation of Kevin. Kevin will now make my house safer and I will be less afraid that someone will break in again in the future.
Michael - Germany

Sounds like someone is there

Kevin has recently moved into our house. We had him up quickly with the app. The simulation is funny, and it really sounds like someone is there when you listen from outside.
Mary - United Kingdom

I don’t worry as much

Since Kevin came, I don't worry as much. When I come home at night, it even feels like someone's already there.
Marta - Austria

Two apps to rule them all

Using the PlayStore or AppStore application, you can monitor and control Kevin and Livy

Kevin App

Livy App

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