The new KEVIN® security solution is also a great gift for your loved ones.

Security for your LOVED ONES

Are you planning on going out on a romantic date with your special one? Not too fancy, but something including all the important ingredients to make it a memorable one: A great dinner, a beautiful spot, a lot of good jokes and funny moments that make life so very interesting and special.

Avoid arriving home with this good picture suddenly falling apart. The door is opened (but why?) and the inside is all turned upside down. Oh my god, you think.  Burglars entered looking for valuables to take. The thing is, there wasn’t really much to take, except the family souvenirs… the watch you got from your parents at your proms, the jewellery you got from your grandmother…

The worst is the feeling of your home not being a safe place anymore.


According to statistics, intrusions and break-ins occur every 10 seconds in the United States, every 2 minutes in the United Kingdom, and every 3 minutes in Italy. This means that burglaries happen more frequently than you think, regardless of where you live! While data shows how easy it is to become a victim, the market has yet to solve this problem. The reason for this is that most existing alarm systems do not eliminate the risk of a burglary; rather, they detect the intrusion after the damage has already been done. Therefore: Focus on preventing burglaries. Not just on detecting them. Here are three tips:

    Burglars do spontaneously look for a target based on how easy and undetected their entry will be. If you have an alarm system and monitoring devices, make sure these are visible from outside of your home.
    Make sure your home has all the modern hardware (doors, locks, windows) in place.
    Showing someone is inside your home is the key for burglars avoiding targeting your home.
    KEVIN® simulates your presence, even when you are far away from home.


Everyone deserves a nice date. But more importantly, everyone deserves feeling safe. This year, spend your Valentine’s Day focusing on your special someone, friend, or family. While away from home, forget worrying about your home security.


Get your KEVIN® before St. Valentine’s using the code KevinLovesYou for a discount of 100,-. Our special gift to you and your loved ones.
The world’s easiest and most effective burglary prevention device.

KEVIN® is all about PREVENTION.

Burglars do not like being confronted with homeowners during a break-in, which is why they will check to see if anyone is inside the property before intruding. The new KEVIN®.3 maintains its primary duty of simulating your presence, activities, and movements while you are not at home, casting lights and shadow effects and reproducing noises, planning time slots and working with geo-localization.

KEVIN®.3 is uniquely sophisticated, and fashionable.

It has been refined with a higher quality speaker, a high-end design and additional space for you personalized recordings. Indeed, KEVIN®.3 has increased its storage capacity and can now simulate for more than four weeks instead of just one. You also get another personalization option: you can now replace the front cover, selecting your favourite colour from red, blue, white, brown, or grey. While KEVIN.2 was just functional, KEVIN®.3 has now also become fashionable!

Do not forget the Mitipi – KEVIN® app!

KEVIN®.3 works in tandem with the Mitipi – Kevin app in all its functionalities. It can be controlled remotely and reproduces lights, sounds, and conversations. You can also use the geo-fencing and time-scheduling functions, which allow you to choose when and how your simulation will take place! Focus on having a good time, not on your home security – Thanks to our KEVIN® innovation.

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