Swiss Protection for your Home. Engineered and hosted in Switzerland.

KEVIN® - A new way
to protect your property.

KEVIN® simulates your presence

Different light scenarios projected through one device

KEVIN® simulates your movements

Different visual and shadow effects projected for one or more people

KEVIN® simulates your activities

Different sounds such as cleaning, cooking, discussions and playing

KEVIN® is Swiss

Engineered and designed in Switzerland

> 97% less likely to be a burglary victim

of customers find KEVIN® easy to use

of women would recommend
KEVIN® to a friend

Best of all: Zero burglaries while KEVIN was active.

Source: Customer survey, September 2022

Here's what KEVIN® offers you.

Beneficial unique features

Consumes only 9W

energy consumption optimized
20 times less energy consumption

100% Privacy

No micro or other features that monitor you and collect data on you.


70 hours of pre-recorded simulations
Personalization with App

What customers say about KEVIN®

Sounds like someone is there

Kevin has recently moved into our house. We connected him to the app very easily. The simulation is outstanding: moving shadows, noises and sounds of people doing activities. Like somebody would be there while I am away.
Mary - California, USA

As if I were at home

Colleagues thought I was at home when only Kevin was there. They called me on my cell phone and told me to open the door...
Florian - France

Love him!

So far I have put one on and love, love, LOVE HIM !! He is with me, when I am at home, playing my music in a great sound quality. And he represents me at home, while I am travelling. He just cannot look after my plants ;-)...
Laura - United States

It sounds damn real

When you stand in the stairwell, it sounds damn real. I especially like the new function to record the own sounds and noises via the Mitipi App. Well done!
Raffi - Switzerland

Easy installation

The installation was as easy as plug & play. I was very pleasantly surprised. The first electronic device that talked to me about how I should install it. Kevin will now make my house safer and I will be less afraid that someone will break in again in the future.
Michael - Germany

I don’t worry anymore

Since Kevin came, I don't worry anymore. I have put the automatic simulation on. So, when I leave my home, Kevin sends me a Goodbye message on my mobile phone. And when I come back, he sends me a greeting message. So cute! It feels like Kevin was a person, taking care of my security which he does perfectly. I can recommend Kevin to any person!
Marta - Austria

Pick the KEVIN® model you like

Preventing burglaries
with KEVIN®.3


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Personalize KEVIN® with the App

Using the Mitipi KEVIN® application, you can monitor and control your KEVIN®, wherever you are.

With KEVIN®.3, you can use the app to record your own sounds and make your KEVIN® even smarter.



Most innovative Burglary Protection Solution 2024 (Europe)

Winner of the
Plus X Award in 2021

3rd at the Media-Markt / Saturn Startup Pitch

Winner of the Founders Fight Night 2020

Winner Global Digital Insurance Agenda Award 2019

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Kevin is now trademarked by Swiss Security Tech company Mitipi
Kevin is now Swiss

The major Swiss cheese manufacturers have neglected to protect their trademarks in the United States. As a result, the names Gruyère and Emmental […]

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