Our vision

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Our values


We believe in a bright future for all of us.
We strive to grow
and develop a better future for everyone.


We are bringing joy and security to the world and to our customers.


We think beyond the obvious and come up with solutions nobody thought of so far.


We empower young talents as well as handicapped persons, let them learn and grow together with us for the purpose of creating together a safer world.

Where we are

Our CEO explaining Mitipi

In an interview with RTL, our CEO Patrick Cotting shortly explains what Mitipi is about.

End 2017
KEVIN idea creation and development in Zurich


Foundation of Mitipi


Launch of KEVIN in Switzerland and winning the Global Digital Insurance Agenda Award (DIA) 2019 in Amsterdam


Winner of the Founders Fight Night 2020. 3rd at the Media-Markt / Saturn Startup Pitch


  • Launch of KEVIN®.2 with an updated software: own recording and geofencing
  • Moving to BlueFactory in Fribourg (CH)
  • Winner of the Plus x Award in Germany (best functionality, design, quality, ease-to-use)
  • Swiss Patent on the simulation of shadows

  • Selected for the USA Launching Pad in San Francisco (USA)
  • Working on KEVIN®.3 and new personalization features on the hard- and software
  • Growing and strengthening the team.

  • Launch of KEVIN®.3 in Switzerland with upgraded hardware, personalizable features, extended simulation
  • European and US Patent for the “method, device and system for the simulation of people” granted
  • European and US Patent for the “method and device to simulate shadows and/or noises of a person” granted
  • First 3.500 properties protected in Switzerland
  • Preparing the international launch, setting-up warehouses in Germany and the US.

  • US entity Mitipi Inc. in Santa Clara CA starts operating
  • New marketing and sales campaign launched.
  • New B2B partnerships established.

Our management team

Dirk Wollschläger Member, Board member
Former General Manager IBM Automotive systems


Patrick Cotting Member, CEO, Board Member
Former Marketing & Sales Director Central Europe, EUROSPORT-Discovery / Former Vice President Marketing Alliances & Partnerships, CREDIT SUISSE


Thomas Ogi Advisory Board Member
Innovation and business development specialist with experience in big tech (IBM), insurtech and digital transformation


Laura Schilliger Advisory Board Member
PwC and communications specialist with experience in startups and professional services firms


Dominik Bürgy Advisory Board Member
Expert in cross-border structural consulting, succession planning and structuring of medium-sized companies. Covered managerial positions in worldwide-known companies, such as Kühne + Nagel.


Hans Rafael Meier Advisory Board Member & CMO
Brand Architect & Marketer and Senior Marketing Consultant. Extensive experience and intuition of brand development strategies and marketing management approaches.


Qui Cung Advisory Board Member & CTO
Head of IT development projects and AI specialist. Lecturer in Game Design, Software and Game Developer. Board Member of the Swiss Game Center.


Ulrich Doenges Advisory Board Member & CPO/COO
Global Supply Chain Integration Leader and Operations Senior Figure. Extensive experience in global supply chain management as well as logistics and operational procedures. Former Senior Director at P&G in Global Supply Chain.


Under the responsibility of CEO Patrick Cotting, there are actually more than 30 persons working on developing Mitipi and KEVIN further: In Switzerland, California (USA), Germany, Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine and China.

Our partnerships