Mitipi partners with Foncia to improve home security in France

Mitipi, the manufacturer of the KEVIN® anti-intrusion device, partners with Foncia and joins the marketplace of France’s leading property management and rental company. This collaboration aims to improve home security through innovative technologies in France. KEVIN® has proven to reduce the probability of burglaries by up to 100%.

A lot of burglaries in France

According to the Service statistique ministériel de la sécurité intérieure (SSMSI), in France (excluding Mayotte), 211,400 burglaries or attempted burglaries were recorded by the national police and gendarmerie services in 2022. This represents an average of 5.8 burglaries per 1,000 homes, one of the highest burglary rates in the world. According to initial, as yet unofficial estimates, these figures have risen again in 2023[1].

Improving home security in France

KEVIN®, developed by Swiss company Mitipi, is a pioneering solution for deterring burglars. The device simulates human behavior using cutting-edge technology, making it harder for burglars to tell the difference between an empty and an inhabited house. Inspired by the “Home Alone” films, KEVIN® offers a series of patented functions, including the adjustment of light and shadow effects and the reproduction of pre-recorded authentic sounds. In addition, users can record and simulate their own noises, such as dog barking, domestic activities, TV viewing, and conversations between residents.

Mitipi has obtained US and EU patents for the “method, device and system for simulating human presence” and the “device and method for simulating a person’s shadow and/or noise”. Field research in collaboration with the police, burglars, and universities has shown that the presence of people is the best protection against burglary. In the thousands of homes where KEVIN® is already in use, no break-ins have been recorded, and the user recommendation rate has reached an impressive 92%.

We are delighted to welcome Mitipi as a new partner to the Foncia Marketplace. Mitipi’s innovative home security solution enhances the range of products and services selected by our teams. This new collaboration reinforces our commitment to our customers to offer innovative and accessible technological solutions that enhance the experience of living better at home,” explains Arnaud Dufour, Foncia’s Director of Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience.

Patrick Cotting, Director of Mitipi, emphasized the importance of this partnership for home security in France: “French tenants and landlords suffer from a huge number of burglaries. We are all the more grateful that Foncia offers its customers a simple and affordable solution against burglaries.

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