Get ready for the tulips!

The KEVIN® burglary prevention solution from Mitipi is finally coming to the Netherlands. The intelligent security box fools burglars by simulating the presence of the inhabitants. Thanks to the combined effects of light, shadow, activity and noise, KEVIN® users have so far been spared from  break-ins. Now, this globally unique security solution is also coming to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have one of the highest burglary rates in Europe.

The Netherlands has a relatively low crime rate. However, when it comes to burglaries, the country has one of the highest rates in Europe. It ranks sixth on the European scale. In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of burglaries amounted to almost 23,500 cases. In 2022, this figure has increased by 20%, and for 2023 it is estimated that it has increased by a further 20%. A rate that is a warning to do something about it.

The security box KEVIN® shall help to reduce the burglary rates

KEVIN® would be an effective method against this phenomenon, also appreciated by the police. Indeed, presence simulation is one of the most effective methods against burglars. The makers of KEVIN® were inspired by the movie “Kevin – Home alone“. Using smart technology, they created a copy of the boy from the movie that, through light, motion and sound effects, gives the impression that the family is still at home. As a result, the KEVIN® security box generates different lighting scenarios, from turning the lamp on and off to TV simulation, motion scenarios, such as when someone moves around the room, as well as sound scenarios such as housekeeping, cooking, playing, making music etc. The impression that someone is at home becomes complete.

Get ready for KEVIN® in the NL

KEVIN® will be a brand new product on the Dutch market. There is nothing else like it. Mitipi is convinced that KEVIN® will find many families in the Netherlands who will welcome it and entrust it with the protection of their beloved belongings. 

With the launch of the Dutch website, KEVIN® is ready to secure houses, apartments and offices in the Netherlands as well.

Are you interested in the new website? Visit the NL site here.   

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KEVIN® gets a lot of Buzz in the Media

Radio Freiburg

A local radio station with a family atmosphere has helped Mitipi reach and secure families in the Fribourg region. The interviewer was enthusiastic about Kevin’s functions. Click here for the full interview: Frapp | Der Freiburger Lautsprecher Kevin beschützt das Zuhause


One of the biggest print and online newspapers in Switzerland has written about us. Our CEO, Patrick Cotting, was invited to 20-Minuten to talk about our vision to make the households of Switzerland safer. They especially like the name “Kevin” and the reference to the movie “Home Alone”. You can read more here: 20-Minuten.

Freiburger Nachrichten

As a company of Fribourg, we are proud that also the local newspaper “Freiburger Nachrichten” published an article about us. We hope that many residents of Fribourg will take notice of us and that we can make our city a little bit safer. You can find the whole article here: Freiburger Nachrichten

La Télé and RTL

Not only in the print media, but KEVIN® was also a subject on TV. Together with Markus Ith from FriUp we could be watched in a report from the French television La Télé.

And finally also RTL Netherlands wanted to talk to us. You can watch it in our About us section: RTL

Many more articles appeared lately in the Press. Check them out!

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