Mitipi launches KEVIN®.3, the world’s easiest and most effective burglary prevention device

Mitipi launches KEVIN®.3, the simplest and most effective burglary prevention system in the world


Fribourg, Switzerland – 9th May 2023 – Mitipi AG, a Swiss innovator of home security solutions, announces the global launch of KEVIN®.3, the newest version of its successful home invasion deterrent device. Building on the success of its previous models that reached a very high customer recommendation rate of 92%, KEVIN®.3 is fully designed to bring even more security and comfort to its users through improved simulation and energy consumption. The device can be personalized not only via a new sound recording feature but also via new colors. Following a sustainability approach with lower energy consumption of just 9W, KEVIN®.3 is also the world’s first electronic device that can change its color within a second, answering the need of customers to adapt the color of the device to the furniture at home.

New technology features

KEVIN®.3 uses advanced technology to simulate human behavior, making it difficult for burglars to distinguish between empty and occupied homes. The new product is the result of years of research and development, and comes with patented features, including the ability to customize light and shadow effects, authentic pre-recorded sounds, and the possibility to record and simulate its own sounds such as dog barking, home works, discussions among occupants, watching TV and others. KEVIN® also connects to the Mitipi-Kevin app that provides full control of one or multiple devices from anywhere, allowing users to schedule the simulation or to use the automatic simulation feature, based on GPS. KEVIN®.3 enables four weeks of simulation without any repetition.

The world’s first patents on the simulation of humans

Mitipi’s revolutionary innovation doesn’t stop at KEVIN®.3: The company has just been granted two United States patents covering the “method, device and system for the simulation of the presence of humans” and the “device and method for simulating shadows and/or noises of a person”. This achievement further cements Mitipi’s position as the world’s innovation leader in home security solutions.

«We believe in making people feel safe in their homes and businesses. With KEVIN®.3, we have created a product that makes it easy for anyone to do just that», says Patrick Cotting, CEO of Mitipi. «Following the multifunctional tradition of other Swiss products such as the Swiss Army Knife, we have created a product that is not only doing its service while people are not at home, but that can also be used as a great Bluetooth speaker and lamp while being at home. We look forward to continuing to innovate and create new solutions to make the world a safer place».

Targeting the US market

Mitipi is excited to bring KEVIN®.3 still this year to the United States, where it is actually field tested in two key markets, Boston and Washington, DC. MBA students from the Management School Fribourg, supported by Suffolk University, are conducting a market study testing KEVIN®.3, while interviewing consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies.

The previous models of KEVIN® have been successfully implemented in more than 3,300 households, mainly in Switzerland, with a 0% break-in ratio since implementing the device and very high satisfaction and recommendation rates among its users. More than 9 out of 10 customers would recommend the device to a friend.

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About Mitipi and KEVIN®

Mitipi is an innovative technology company, located at Bluefactory in Fribourg, Switzerland, that wants everybody to feel safe. Besides having developed KEVIN®.3, the world’s easiest and most effective burglary prevention device, Mitipi is the first company in the world to hold a patent for simulating the presence of humans.

KEVIN® is the protected trademark of the device that simulates the presence of people at home. Its name is inspired by the classic movie “Home alone” where the small boy Kevin simulates the presence of his family at home.

Quote from Patrick Cotting

“We wanted to make a product that is not only preventing burglaries, but that adapts to the behavior of the consumer: Own sounds, own colors, automatically going ON when the consumer leaves the home, with the least energy consumption and the highest possible quality”.

KEVIN® is landing in the BEL PAESE!

The unique preventive solution against burglaries, developed and designed in Switzerland, is now also available on the Italian market! The patented smart home security device casts light and shadow effects and produces realistic sounds, recreating the human presence inside the house and making burglars think there is someone there, thus deterring possible outside intruders. The strong point of KEVIN? PREVENTING burglaries, rather than simply reporting them when the damage has already been done.


Although intrusions into private properties have decreased during the pandemic, the occurrence of theft and burglary is slowly recalling to pre-Covid data. In 2021 alone, around 182,000 reports of house burglary were registered in Italy: about one theft every three minutes. Nine million Italians are afraid of being alone at home at night, indicating a 15% of the population that do not feel safe in their own homes. The options on the market often offer alarm and video surveillance systems that do not eliminate the possibility of a burglary, but only signal it after the damage has already occurred. Furthermore, research has shown that the impact of a burglary is traumatic and difficult to deal with, regardless of the economic value of the stolen goods. The alternatives that the home security market presents are not enough, they do not eliminate the risk of getting another burglary.

KEVIN® represents a valid solution – confirmed by police officers in Switzerland and the US – that effectively AVOIDS and PREVENTS burglaries from occurring in our home or workplace. In fact, KEVIN® can be used in any private environment and will simulate the presence of people through pre-recorded voices, realistic sounds already present in the system and sound effects that reproduce the TV or room lights. The creators of KEVIN® wanted to pay homage to the film “Kevin Home Alone!” by offering a device that, like the eponymous character in the film, will deter burglars from any break-in attempts. KEVIN® will recreate the same sounds as when you cook, clean, or talk at home, giving the impression that you are home when you are not. Furthermore, KEVIN® consumes only 9W, thanks to the optimized LED technology. With just one device, based on a random generator and input data, the life of an entire family is simulated.

Mitipi’s mission stems from the belief that everyone deserves to feel safe. Therefore, when we leave home we should not have to worry about what might happen while we are away. Mitipi is a start-up company from Freiburg, Switzerland, which already counts more than 3,000 customers in the Swiss area, among which 92% find KEVIN® easy to use and 95% would recommend it to a friend! And while KEVIN® was active, no burglaries ever occurred during the last 3 years, giving us evidence of our product’s PREVENTIVE action.

Nothing resembles KEVIN®! Our product is not only effective in preventing burglaries, it is also unique and patented. It is protected by IP licenses recognized to Mitipi AG on both the European and US markets, as it is unique in its prevention function, rather than simply detecting. This unique and innovative solution has also arrived on the Italian market and the wish with which KEVIN® lands in Italy is to be welcomed by many more families and to protect them during their working days, their evenings out with friends, or their holidays!​​

Who is behind the scenes? Are you interested in a partnership with us?

Giulia is responsible at MITIPI AG for the Italian market. She is originally from Verona, Veneto, and will welcome your requests and questions regarding our product KEVIN® and our start-up. For any cooperation, you are welcome to contact her at

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