Javascript Software Developer

We have built and run the worlds first security speaker and homeowner simulator KEVIN®.
Inspired by the movie Home alone, KEVIN® protects homes and makes sure that burglars
do not visit a home, by simulating presence through light, sound and shadow effects.
As a software developer in our team, you will do the following:


Maintain and further develop our App (iOS/Android) Mitipi Kevin
Lead and build our NodeJS secured backend that can provide robust and fast
communication channel
Build new functionalities such as the Soundtube or interaction features, according
to our roadmap
Commit to ensure QA/Test covered in high quality
Fast track to be senior tech lead.


• Strong experience in developing Javascript/ES6, NodeJS, and React.
Nice to have mobile app experience in iOS or Android and ReactNative.
Instinct for good looking and functional Interfaces.
Good Understanding of paradigms, logic and data structures, have knowledge of
Amazon AWS, IoT devices, Pub/Nub, NoSQL.
Deep understanding of Javascript and all Modern and ancient APIs.
Curiosity how to use all tools and do not reinvent the wheel, prefer the balance
between speed and quality.
Mindset to ensure highest quality and maintainability with tests.
Creativity and curiosity to go beyond current tools to deliver best solution to the
problems at hand.
Fluent in English, German and/or French are a plus.


• Commercial experience in creating mobile applications for IoT device
Experience with minification and code obfuscation
Good Understanding on how the Internet works (TCP, TLS, HTTP/2.0, Websockets,


• Option of a work4equity agreement and to participate at the growth of Mitipi.
Option for a parttime job.


Place of work: BlueFactory, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland

Please send us your CV, motivation letter and a few references to Dr. Patrick Cotting,