Get international Marketing & Sales experience

Mitipi AG is a start-up based in Fribourg. It is run by former directors of large multinational companies: Procter&Gamble, Eurosport, Credit Suisse, IBM, LeoBurnett.
As a member of Mitipi, you learn a lot from the experiences of managers of multinational companies and can test and apply your knowledge from the lectures 1:1. Combining academics with practice and benefiting from the experience of international managers will also set you apart from your competitors later on in the job market.
Mitipi is THE Swiss innovation in the field of burglary prevention and security. Our goal is to protect homeowners, tenants and office owners from burglaries with our own product “KEVIN”. The product is inspired by the movie “Kevin, home alone” (Home Alone) and uses smart, patented technologies. In addition, Mitipi offers other security products in its own shop and intends to further expand this range.
Mitipi has already been able to establish the “KEVIN” product on the Swiss market. Now we are working on international expansion.
The internship includes especially marketing tasks, administrative tasks and the support of the directors. You will learn everything you need to know to build and run a successful start-up. Depending on your skills, you will quickly be able to take on responsibilities and help determine the direction of Mitipi.
To fulfil your tasks, knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PPT), Adobe Photoshop, as well as WordPress is an advantage, but not necessary in advance. You will be introduced to the programmes and tools during the first two months of learning so that you can then use them independently.
If you are very good, then you will also be able to travel to international trade fairs and gain international experience and build-up an international network of contacts from China to Europe and the US.

For these tasks, we are looking for motivated students in the field of marketing / business administration / business informatics / media and communication sciences who would like to implement what they have learned in the courses and gain practical experience at an internationally expanding start-up directly in Freiburg, on the BlueFactory campus.
In addition to a great affinity for entrepreneurship and creativity, a certain technical understanding and interest is also desired.
The internship can be completed in German, French and/or English. Applicants with additional language skills or special technical abilities are welcome.

Send your motivation letter and your CV together with a copy of your grades to:
Dr. Patrick Cotting, CEO

Place of work

Freiburg BlueFactory – Wood-ID 11

Work duration: Minimum 6 months. Fix salary & Bonus.

Work percent: First two months 80-100% (introduction and learning), afterwards 20-40% possible.

Salary: Monthly salary from 1000