Mitipi takes care of your home when you are
away and makes you feel safe.

Already more than 3’000 burglaries prevented.

Every third adult becomes a victim of a burglary once in his life. In almost every fifth victim, a burglary leads to severe psychological stress. It is not uncommon for a permanently disturbed relationship to one’s own apartment or house to persist. We are therefore pleased that we have been able to secure alredy more than 3’000 apartments and houses after a short time thanks to KEVIN.

Einbruchsprävention, Sicherheitstechnik, Einbruchsschutz, Heimsicherheit, Sicherheitstechnik, Haussicherheit

Burglaries leave their mark long

after they have occured.

Burglary victims often feel that

their sense of safety

is deeply altered.

We strive to help you feel safe in your home.

Always. Our story.

Known from

the verge
franffurter allgemeine

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