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Kevin burglary prevention with free Mitipi-App

Kevin scares off burglars by simulating your presence even when you are not at home.


With the Mitipi app you can control the device from anywhere and adapt it to your needs.

  • Realistic lighting effects and sounds
  • Allows the creation of an individual, home-friendly personality profile for maximum authenticity
  • Remote control via Smartphone or directly on the device
  • Intelligent energy saving function thanks to ambient light sensor
  • Interfaces: WLAN 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth (4.2 and BLE)


Application Mitipi-Kevin free of charge

You can control your Kevin with the Mitipi app, create your personal profile, record and simulate your own sounds and voices.


Your virtual roommate against burglars

Burglars look for easy prey in empty apartments. They shy away from direct confrontation with the occupants. Mitipi Kevin takes advantage of this fact. The smart device deters potential burglars by simulating your presence when you are not at home. Kevin uses amazingly realistic lighting effects and sounds to simulate various everyday activities such as watching TV or vacuuming. Control Kevin via smartphone or completely offline directly on the device.


Deceptively real and energy efficient

Choose one of the presets or go one step further: Put together an individual personality profile that takes into account your living situation (e.g. urban or rural, living alone or with family, presence of pets, etc.), whereupon Kevin creates a particularly authentic light and sound backdrop. The device has an ambient light sensor and knows when to activate and when to save power.

4 reviews for Kevin

  1. Anton M.

    The shadow simulation feature is realistic. We were positively surprised by how well it works.

  2. Sarah Stuber

    I really like Kevin’s design – he looks like a loudspeaker and people have already commented on how nice he looks. They’re always surprised when I tell them that Kevin isn’t only a speaker but a super smart home protector!

  3. Peter M.

    We use Kevin in the office. During the lockdown, we were burglarized. The police made us aware of Kevin. It now works perfectly. So well, in fact, that an employee who had forgotten the keys stood outside the door for half an hour, knocking repeatedly, because he was convinced we were still working. A burglar would surely have aborted and broken into the next office.

  4. Chiara Hiess

    When I come home and hear through the door that someone is cleaning, I know that it is Kevin, but the others do not know. So this proves that the Kevin product delivers what it promises. The shadow projection is also nice, but maybe it should be placed near a window so that it is clearly visible from the outside.

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