Livy Protect x2

407,9$ 327,0$

What can Livy Protect do?

– Push notifications in case of a smoke or motion alarm

– Measurement of temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC)

– Livy Smoke Detector with a 10-year battery certified according to DIN EN 14604

– Livy Protect with 6 months battery life and rechargeable with Micro-USB cable

Installation & Connectivity

– Installation via Livy App with Wifi-Router

– Can be mounted on the ceiling with screws and dowels

– Connectivity with Google Home, Siri, IFTTT and soon HomeKit

– Data communication with servers based within Germany


– Free Livy App in Google Play or Apple Store

– Alarm activation and push notifications with the Livy App

– Display of the current air values

– Community Function for further access by other residents and friends

– Quick Chat function in case of an alarm

– TÜV-Certified App


– 2x Livy Protect – Multi-Sensor Ring including Micro-USB Cable

– 2x Livy Smoke Detector including screws and dowels




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