How Kevin works by Mitipi

Kevin Is your virtual roommate. It ensures that your apartment will be revived during your absence and never leave. This can significantly reduce the risk of burglary.

Through light, acoustics and intelligent control, Kevin creates the impression of residents who, of course, move in space and do everyday things. This ranges from watching TV, listening to music, cooking, showers and much more...

Various possibilities:

Kevin by Mitipi is more than a clever solution that actively protects against burglars. Dealing with Kevin and the virtual roommate is a central point for us. You need nothing more than an outlet and a WiFi connection. Via app you can easily interact with the virtual roommate and control the system. Of course, this also goes from afar.

Now you can personalize your roommate


mitipi wants to create a world in which the term “burglary” only appears in history books.

Kevin makes a significant contribution to burglary prevention. In this way, we save tenants and homeowners the traumatic experience of such an event and make life easier and safer.

Success rate of burglaries in unprotected flats
Burglaries per year within Germany and Switzerland
Financial damage caused (EUR) per year

mitipi© TEAM



Marketing & Sales with international experience



Robotics Technology & Software development with startup experience



Communication & Social Media Specialist


Head of product

Design Thinking & UX Experience


Senior Tech Lead

Experienced software developer


The development is progressing quickly and our first product is already on the target line. With your registration you will stay up to date and get a chance to pre-order at top prices and other early bird promotions.


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Wall of Fame

Kevin will only be produced thanks to the support of our 492 Kickstarter backers. A few have chosen that they want to be put on our digital wall of fame. We would like to thank all those who make our project possible!

  • Cornaz
  • Stefan Meier
  • Claudia Nicolai
  • ComfyLight [RIP]
  • Alexander
  • Robert Looser
  • Brandon R. Piper
  • Deanna Syanley
  • R. Fischer, Walchwil
  • Danny
  • Larry S
  • Family Kofler
  • L. N. Rivers
  • The HuHu Family
  • Axel Vüllers
  • Dennys
  • Nicolas Zanotti
  • Sara Victoria Hjalmarsson – the Nomad polymath

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